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Why Dogs?

Have you ever wondered why society is so obsessed with dogs? Is it because we like the companionship? Do our dogs give us something to talk about with our coworkers, family and friends? Perhaps we all just really like vacuuming and cleaning nose art off our windows on a weekly basis!? Regardless of what it is, even the most non-animal loving person can see that... Dogs. Are. Everywhere.

Television ads, entire stores, and social events revolving around our canine companions can be found in every town across the United States. Many individuals' entire careers are based around caring for, training, grooming and walking dogs (just to name a few!). We plan our travel, our holidays, and our entire schedules around our dogs' feeding times, exercise schedules, medical issues, and overall happiness. Now really, does any other animal receive such undivided attention from such a vast majority of our society?

I have a theory on this, you know. I think it's because, in short.... Dogs. Are. Smart. We've all seen and heard the stories of the hero dogs of course-- the ones who search for trapped hikers in the snow, the ones who lead their visually impaired owners around, and the ones that stand in the face of danger beside our police an military. These dogs are INCREDIBLE and, trust me, I will certainly touch on this type of intelligence sometimes throughout this blog.

However, what I am really talking about is their instinctual sense-- their ability to sense danger yet still live in the moment. Their ability to make friends (two and four legged!) yet pick up on emotions and sense when something (or someone) isn't quite right. Their ability to suffer great pain and loss, yet pull themselves together and recuperate. That is the type of intelligence I am talking about, and that is what I plan to write about.

As a life time dog owner and long time rescue volunteer and boarding kennel owner, I have had no shortage of opportunities to delve into the world of dogs. Here you will learn some ways we as individuals could become better humans by adopting some of the practices of dogs. You may even gain a little insight into why our dogs act the way they do, and why the human/dog connection is a bond like no other.  Perhaps relax, curl up with your favorite four-legged friend, and enjoy some Lessons From a Dog!

Let's hear about your canine companions! This beautiful yellow lab (mix?) here is my Maya girl. Maya is about five years old. She was found as a stray in rural Mississippi at about 1 year old and was lucky enough to get on a transport up here to NE Ohio to go to rescue! There are so many strays down south, and nowhere near the number of rescues we have in the Cleveland area, so transporting dogs here happens more than you may think!


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