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Welcome to
Lessons From a Dog!

Sit back and relax, read, comment, engage, and enjoy learning all you can about how to live a life as good as your dog's!

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A little more about Rachel...

Lessons From a Dog is a brain child created from many, many, MANY years of working with dogs!  My love affair with canines began at the young age of zero with the Labrador Retrievers my family had growing up.  I loved nothing more than to walk our dogs with my dad and I was the only 10 year old at their obedience training classes! That led to a job at a local veterinarian's office during high school, and a major in science/math education in undergraduate studies.  I taught for 11 years in public education (while volunteering HEAVILY in dog rescue), until I left teaching in 2017 to pursue my goal of owning a dog boarding kennel. Since then the rescue work has continued and the number of dogs I handle on a yearly basis in the kennel is somewhere in the thousands.  Lesson From a Dog is an entertaining, yet informational look into the intelligence of our 4-legged companions, and how we can all become better people by adopting some of their instinctual behaviors.  

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